Üner Plastik

"We have registered our production concept by international certificates"

Uner Plastik’s indispensable principle and basic production policy is always high production quality and hygiene. It greatly deserves its leader position in the sector by inspiring confidence on plastic bottle caps by international ISO 9001, 22000, 14001, 18001, BRC/IoP certificates. Moving up to this position, it has benefited all the means of technology and has reached the desired best results with the required knowledge and experience.

"Quality Control Unit for a concept caring for quality"

For Uner Plastik, it is a requirement to keep the perfect level it has reached by the accurate measurements continuously made by its “Quality Control Unit and Team” and carrying it forward. Accordingly, the perfect compatibility of the product with the order and the continuation of the production is an important asset of Uner Plastik’s policies; therefore the Quality Control Unit and Team are greatly valued and investments are continously updated.

"We believe that investment is always for the future and to manage the future"

We feel proud of presenting useful products countrywide and worldwide with a positive point of view for the future and with a management concept which accepts that "human" is the basic investment for all desired targets. Uner Plastik is and will be producing quality for your "source of life" with this vision.

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